The athletics season is currently in full swing, and the athletes impress us each time anew with their top performances. When we chose the motif for our July calendar sheet, we thought about athletics activities and found that pole vault is a great symbol for our work: During the run of an athlete, you see a strained face, but then the jumper elegantly moves across the high jump bar – just with the help of a flexible pole. Similarly, at hubergroup, we work hard to fulfil high service and quality bars and achieve them by flexibly adapting to customer needs as well as market dynamics.

When realizing the pole vault motif, we decided for a classic and simple application. We used our colour intense printing ink NewV set LED UEL4000 and added two UV varnishes. The NewV lac gloss 40UCL1214 was printed on the whole surface while the NewV lac matt 40UCL5204, which is applied when the gloss varnish is still wet, is partially imprinted. In their interaction, the varnishes ensure both matt and gloss areas.

As we only employed materials, which can be used in the inking unit, this application can also be conducted on LED UV machines without a coating unit. Depending on the number of inking units, this six-colour motif can be printed in high quality with process colours and two varnishes in one or two
printing cycles. It is an inexpensive method to feature effects.