March 24, 2020

Update Statement Product Safety

Transmission of viruses via contact with printing ink is unlikely

Following an epidemic of the respiratory tract disorder COVID-19 caused by an infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in China, the virus is currently spreading across Europe and the world.
Transmission of coronaviruses to humans occurs mainly by droplet infection, where viruses emitted into the air by humans (coughing or sneezing) are inhaled directly or are transmitted by hand to the mucous membranes of the nose or eyes. According to the current state of knowledge there is no evidence that transmission routes other than droplet infection play a significant role.
To survive for longer periods of time, viruses need suitable host cells in living organisms. On dry surfaces, coronaviruses are typically inactivated within short time, and do not survive and remain infectious for longer periods of time. Due to their low environmental stability it is therefore unlikely that there could be active coronaviruses in printing inks, printing ink raw materials or on the surfaces of printing ink packages, after the long transportation routes. However, it is recommended that general everyday hygiene rules such as regular hand washing be observed when handling them.
Beyond that, it is of course of utmost importance that we all follow the advice from the authorities and support every effort to mitigate the impact of the global coronavirus crisis.

March 18, 2020

Business Continuity

Raw material supply lines are under threat due to lock-downs in China, Korea etc. Due to prolonged restrictions in China, including ports, there is serious imbalance of containers globally resulting in shipping delays. Government of India has issued guidelines to monitor and if required, quarantine incoming containers. So the supply lines are facing serious delays. We have been very proactive in ensuring availability of our raw materials. To the extent possible, we lined up alternate sources and also increased our buffer stocks.

As of now we feel safe and foresee no problems in maintaining our supply lines for about a month or so. However, let us accept the situation globally is very volatile and unpredictable. Therefore, unforeseen disruptions cannot be ruled out. Should such a situation arise, we shall inform our customers as soon as possible. Through this communication we wish to assure our customers that hubergroup is taking all necessary measures to deal with this situation. We feel there is no need to panic and we advise our customers to stay in close touch with our teams for a smooth conduct of business.

March 13, 2020

Important supply chain statement of hubergroup

We need to inform that although we ship our deliveries on time out of our hubergroup sites we cannot influence the freight carrier’s situation, border processes or even more border closures.
Freight carriers do not make on time delivery commitments anymore.
Please inform yourself about the entry regulations or restrictions valid for your country.