Contingency plan

Precautions for hubergroup employees:

  • We have established a Coronavirus pandemic team
  • We implemented supply of detergents and disinfectants together with further hygiene instructions to our personnel (especially hand washing)​
  • Employees are asked to disinfect their hands when entering the site premises​
  • Written statement about the prohibition to enter the site with flu symptoms and/or fever above 37,5 degrees Celsius. If the conditions arise at work, employee has to leave immediately​
  • We make Infrared thermometer available to self-check body temperature​
  • Minimum distance rules: Clear indication not to stay < 1 m distance​
  • To comply those precautions​ we reduce groups or define different time for groups at lunch time
  • We limit coffee machine access
  • We cancel all physical meetings or limit number of people​
  • We have established homeoffice and shift procedures for all our sites in Europe
  • Employees are asked to take care of our dressing room/smoking rooms layout to respect the minimum distance​
  • No hand shaking or hugs or contacts between people​
  • Suspension of all the scheduled training courses ​
  • Stop traveling, exceptions authorized by superior only​
  • Stop visits of external guests, exceptions authorized by site leader
  • Indications not to use public transportation for travel and commuting, where possible​

Precautions for haulers/contractors:

  • Statement about “Do not enter in case of fever or flu​”
  • Instruction to disinfect hands at the gate​
  • Instruction to stay in the truck cabin; they can jump out only to fix the load, but they must stay minimum 2 meters from our personnel, no hand shaking​
  • Use of toilet separated from our workers where possible, subject to cleaning rule