March 12, 2020

Status Quo at our location in Bolzano Vicentino / Italy

As we all learnt via the news channels, the Italian Government has now declared the entire Italy as Quarantine Zone. Those restrictions target predominantly the social life and big assemblies like fairs, sports events, big meetings, etc.

We would like to inform that our production and shipping of goods still runs without any delay.

As stated in an earlier letter, we have taken numerous precautionary and preventive measures to ensure service to our customers and to protect the health of our employees. We would like to highlight the most important measures here once again:

We have been adopting precautionary and cautionary measures to guarantee the service to our customers as well as protecting the health of our employees.

The management systems of hubergroup Italia provide risk assessment also for aspects related to products and processes as required by the HACCP standard and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). These include hygiene measures for both – the staff and the production chain.

Our risk assessment is updated regarding the changing conditions, with the implementation of immediate and medium-term risk management and prevention measures. This means the following:

  • We set up an internal task force for all decisions regarding the measures has to be taken during the emergency. The task force is constantly monitoring the situation.
  • As a precautionary measure, we increase the stock of the main products, and share them with external sites, in order to make them available in case of any conditions.
  • The production plant in Celle, Germany keeps operating as regular.
  • We implemented the precautionary measures recommended by the institutions in the various local ordinances.
  • We have implemented working from home rules for our employees at Sales, Administration and Technical Service. Where possible we are separating the working offices/areas to minimize interaction between people, suspending all personal meetings.
  • We have suspended all scheduled training courses; we stopped the travels where possible and stopped the visits by external guests.
  • We increased the supply of detergents and disinfectants and provided further hygiene instructions to the personal.
  • We informed our employees not to use public transportation for travel.

hubergroup Italia SpA therefore continues to operate on an ongoing basis, take precautionary measures for our own protection and for our customers. If there are any changes, we will inform you immediately.