March 4, 2020

Statement concerning Supply Chain for raw materials from China and South Korea

Due to the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, we are currently receiving many inquiries as to whether the resulting circumstances are affecting our supply chain. We understand that the concern is great. Therefore, please find below our official statement from our purchasing and supply chain organization:

hubergroup sources its raw material globally including China and South Korea. That’s why we especially monitor the supply situation and the shipments from there. In India there is even a directive from the government to check all shipments from China for Coronavirus. This may cause a delay in import clearances.

Further there is a container imbalance globally. Containers are stuck in China and neighboring countries. Repositioning of the containers is not happening. Hence shipments from Europe, Brazil and the USA are getting delayed. Availability of containers is a major challenge for shipments.

As a global printing ink supplier hubergroup maintains supplies of required ink raw materials, as well as suitable alternative suppliers. However, for certain raw materials hubergroup’s dependency on China still exists.

For our other raw materials which hubergroup may be buying locally or from say Europe or any other country, those suppliers also may be dependent on China for their raw materials.

As the situation stands, we do not foresee supply situation hampering from hubergroup in the near future based on the existing forecast. 

Hence, we are closely monitoring the situation and development. We will keep you updated and inform you as soon as there are any changes.