Almost 60 years have passed since Juri Gargarin was the first human to enter outer space in 1961. But even today, space is largely unexplored and offers astronauts a lot of room for new discoveries. Therefore, an astronaut seemed to be the ideal symbol for our September calendar motif with the motto “pioneering”, which reflects hubergroup’s passion for discovering innovative solutions for our customers – such as our newly developed UV curing method NewV cure.

To realize this calendar motif, the designers first created a very detailed design, which did not only require many hours of work but also a great deal of skill. Then, we deliberated which inks and varnishes we use to print this motif. We decided for the colour intense NewV set LED UEL4000 and, on top, we added two varnishes with the drip-off-technique: the NewV lac gloss 40UC9252 was applied on the full surface, while the NewV lac 40UC8290 was used as spot varnish. The latter was only printed on the area of the space suit to make it feel like real fabric – and to show our customers which haptic effects they can achieve with these innovative varnishes.