High-quality web offset printing – that’s what waterless printing stands out for. However, it is also a demanding technology which needs to be adapted constantly due to the changes in today’s printing market. So it’s no wonder that almost 100 participants from more than 15 countries came together to exchange about this special technology at press manufacturer Koenig & Bauer’s 15th Cortina User Workshop. As one of the sponsors, hubergroup also joined the event to accelerate waterless printing.

Thomas Fuß, Director Product Management Web Offset Europe at hubergroup, explains: “With the papers available today, the waterless printing process is very complex, and many technical aspects need to be further investigated. Nonetheless, it is a very promising technology for web offset printers with a high quality standard. Therefore, we were eager to be a part of this workshop.”

In order to explain the demands of waterless printing, Thomas Fuß contributed to the event with a presentation about the effect of market changes such as paper quality or regulations and interdependencies in the printing process. For example, if the build-up on the blanket is tackled with a higher temperature, this leads to changes of other factors such as the viscosity. So whenever one variable is changed, printers need to be aware of other dependent variables. To help reducing such challenges, hubergroup continues to optimize the characteristics of its GOOD NEWS DRYFLOW.

Thomas Fuß concludes: “For us, the Koenig & Bauer Cortina User Workshop was an interesting event, which gave us insights into our customers needs. However, it was as important to us to share our printing ink know-how with our customers – because we want to enable our customers to achieve the best printing results.”

Picture source: Koenig & Bauer