In July hubergroup launched it’s new Chemicals Division. For hubergroup a next milestone in the company’s history.

Taner Bicer, President Chemicals Division, stated: “I am pleased that we have taken this step. As a printing ink manufacturer with over 255 years of history, we know what is important in the production of printing inks and the raw materials they require. We not only want to incorporate this know-how into our own products, but are also happy to pass it on.”

What does the Chemicals Launch actually mean?

In the printing inks sector, we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers thanks to our in-depth expertise, high product quality and comprehensive service orientation.

Along with our expertise in the printing inks business, we have also been able to acquire extensive knowledge of raw materials over the years. We have now bundled this expertise in the newly established Chemicals Division. From now on, the production and marketing of raw materials and printing inks and coatings will take place there.

In order to take sufficient account of this broad range of topics, we have made internal, structural changes, also in terms of personnel. There will thus be a separate decentralized sales and service structure and a central, global team that will focus solely on research and development in the Chemicals Division.

What exactly does the Chemicals Division do?

Our product portfolio is diverse. However, the focus is on the production of PU resins, UV oligomers and colorants and is therefore primarily aimed at the paint and coatings industry and chemical companies.

With Vapi and Daman, we have two large plants in India that produce over 250 kt of chemical raw materials per year. These include PU resins, UV oligomers, various polyesters, color pigments and pigment preparations, as well as additives for optimizing paints and coatings. The portfolio is to be successively expanded in the coming years.

What is our goal with the launch?

Diversifying the business and dividing it into two divisions, Print Solutions and Chemicals, is a strategic corporate decision. The aim is to make the existing technology know-how available to a broader range of customers. This will enable new target groups and sales markets to be generated.

“But I think it is important to emphasize that hubergroup Chemicals is a vendor to hubergroup Print Solutions, and operates independently”, Bicer pointed out.

In addition to the Print Solutions Division, the Chemicals Division thus represents an important pillar in the long-term strategic market positioning.

What can you expect in the next weeks?

We also look forward to giving you further insights into the Chemicals Division in the coming weeks and months. This includes the introduction of individual members of the Chemicals Team or our production plants, small digressions into the product world of the Chemicals Division and much more.

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