Water-based technical products that are recirculated are susceptible to microbial growth and must be stabilised against attack by bacteria, yeasts and fungi. For this reason, fount solution additives for offset printing have always been provided with small amounts of preservatives to prevent microbial growth in the fount solution and associated technical problems and health hazards.

The combination of active ingredients CIT/MIT (Chloromethyl-Isothiazolinone/ Methylisothiazolinone) has proved its worth over many years. On October 5th, 2018, the 13th ATP of the CLP Regulation for MIT was adopted, as the biocide is harmful to aquatic organisms above a certain concentration. Thus, since May 1st, 2020, products containing more than 15 ppm MIT must be declared as dangerous goods.

We at hubergroup have been working on a new formulation of fountain solution additives not only since the amendment of the law. Frédéric Kocher, Head of Product Development Fount Solutions at hubergroup Print Solutions, explains: “We have reformulated our fount solution additives through intensive development work. The new combination of active ingredients contained in our fount solutions fully complies with this legal requirement. But that is not all. Our products also have the advantage that, thanks to the new formulation, users also have a lower cleaning and maintenance requirement for their presses”. 

True to the motto “hubergroup goes green”, the preservative content in hubergroup fountain solution additives is reduced to a minimum to suppress germ growth in the fount solution applied.

Why is it so important to keep the microbial concentration in fount solutions as low as possible?

A high microbial concentration in the fount solution can lead to considerable technical problems, such as

  • Impairment of primary functions by altering the fount solution composition (e. g. quick start-up, stability of the ink/water balance)
  • Deposits of e. g. killed microorganisms in pipes and tanks
  • Odour nuisance
  • Health risks

However, there are ways to prevent this development.

Due to our high level of expertise in this field, we offer our customers as a special service a free examination of the fount solution to determine the germ contamination. On the basis of the germ count determination, we provide appropriate tips for keeping the fount solution clean if the load is too high or recommendations for suitable fount solution additives to minimise the germ count. Such preventive measures help to keep the printing process at the highest level in the long term. 

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