“Due to the increasing cost pressure, quick postprint suitability becomes more and more important to printers. This issue has led the development of our new ink series”, explains Bernd Groh, Global Product and Portfolio Manager Sheetfed/UV at hubergroup. A team of hubergroup employees has carried out extensive tests in order to accurately understand the correlation between drying parameters and the quality level. As a result, we took a significant step in creating a formula describing this relationship.

Bernd Groh says: “Instead of merely talking about drying speed, we focused on drying kinetics, that means the temporal sequence of drying processes. Thanks to this intensive research work, we succeeded in launching a particularly fast drying sheetfed ink series: ECO-PERFECT-DRY. Its unique drying performance helps printers around the world to increase their cashflow.”

As the name suggests, ECO-PERFECT-DRY has the additional advantage of being extremely eco-friendly because it is not only cobalt- and mineral oil-free, but also has an optimised CO2 balance. Therefore, the Cradle to Cradle silver certified printing ink is ideal for environmentally conscious commercial printing companies.