In Germany there is a saying: “May makes everything new”. This year, this proverb definitely suits the hubergroup, because we are starting off with a new corporate design and have also given the website a complete “makeover”: both visually and in terms of content. Our long and impressive company history shows that we have the courage to reinvent ourselves again and again and are open to change.


hubergroup logo was registered as a trademark 17 years ago. The colour dots in the logo have clearly positioned the brand in the printing industry. Since then, many companies and brands have been brought together under this umbrella brand, including Michael Huber Munich, Hostmann-Steinberg, Stehlin + Hostag and Micro Inks.

In the meantime, we are no longer an association of independent companies, but a global company. So now it is time for a new logo that takes into account the changes of the past and points to the future.

As the last major manufacturer of the alkali blue pigment, we have chosen the corresponding colour Reflex Blue as the sole logo colour. Our new logo retains the clover leaf as a unique recognition feature. The brand name “hubergroup” appears in a single line, the coloured dots disappear. We are using the redesign to introduce logos for the Chemicals Division and the printing inks business.

Corporate Design

The entire corporate design was also revised. This took place against the background of adapting the design to our new positioning and values, as well as to the more modern appearance of the logo.

In order to present ourselves to our customers, business partners and stakeholders as a unit, we have defined a new look for all print and online media. The use of specific fonts and the definition of primary and secondary colours enables quick recognition. A new, more emotional visual language positions us as a company that acts with a high degree of solidarity with its employees and customers. We achieve distinctiveness in the visual language through a unique image grid, which we use on front pages, advertisements and in social media posts.

New website

We also launched a new website. The online presence is of course based on the new corporate design and we will be much closer to our customers. The visual language has become more personal and emotional. Not least because we rely exclusively on our own employee portraits for the design, which underlines our authenticity. Experience it by yourself: